The oil & gas industry demands efficient and reliable high-throughput connectivity for linking headquarters IT systems, technical experts, pipeline facilities, and infield and offshore drilling platforms to each other. As terrestrial infrastructure for communication purposes is often lacking in the remote and harsh environments identified with this industry, service providers are increasingly depending on alternative effective communication solutions.

SatLink Communications' SatLink® family of VSATs and Hubs are ideal for withstanding harsh offshore environments and remote areas anywhere around the globe. With high-availability and throughput and 24 X 7 customer support, our SatLink system provides secure IP networking necessary for the voice, data, corporate communication, and large file transfer needs of the offshore industry. With mobile, transportable, and stationary options, the SatLink system can support various conditions for connecting support vessels, submergible vessels, barge vessels, oil rigs and offshore platforms, and inland operations under the same core network.

Engineered to support a variety of services, our SatLink systems have been implemented for:

  • Oilfield communication services
  • SCADA and other low data rate applications
  • Gas pipeline and solar and wind farm video surveillance
  • Internet broadband, VoIP, and hotspot services for corporate communications

With its superior design, versatility, and efficiency, our SatLink systems have been selected to meet the communication demands of major companies and are in place for day-to-day oil & gas operations as well as emergency response and disaster recovery instances.