Land Mobile Communications

SatLink Communications' solution for land mobile provides for broadband land mobility for high-speed trains. In addition, SatLink Communications offers transportable (fly-away) solutions for Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG), as well as broadband Internet access, VoIP and cellular telephony for special events coverage and emergency services, whenever and wherever needed.


Broadband Connectivity for Trains

In order to provide reliable service on high-speed trains, SatLink Communications' land mobile SatLink VSATs work with the corresponding features implemented in SatLink Communications' hubs to allow for mobility at speeds up to 350 kilometers per hour. With this technology, passengers can enjoy the following options:

  • TV and IPTV
  • Broadband IP connectivity for public Internet access & VPNs
  • VoIP and cellular telephony (GSM) services in remote areas
  • Content distribution and digital signage

Low-profile satellite tracking antennas are deployed in the roof of selected train cars, as shown in the diagram, under protective shields. Special software features allows for roaming across different satellite beams and ensures continuity of data connections after passing through tunnels.

Illustration: Broadband Connectivity in High Speed Trains over Satellite

Transportable Options

Working closely with the leading manufacturers for fast auto-pointing VSAT antennas and customized vehicles, SatLink Communications will provide drive-way vehicles designed for the needs of a variety of different transportable (i.e., nomadic) applications, including Digital Satellite News Gathering, emergency services, and service expansion at special events.


A. Satellite Robust Car (SRC)

land-src1.jpgAs one example, SatLink Communications has built and offers a nomadic solution called the Satellite Robust Car (SRC). This small vehicle – based on a standard passenger car platform – is ideal for setting up temporary or expanded services for emergencies and special events. Such services may include:

      • WiFi or Wired Ethernet for Broadband Internet access 
      • VoIP Services 
      • GSM/GPRS/EDGE 
      • 3G/UMTS 
      • Private Video feeds and distribution 
      • Bi Band Radio

The SRC includes not only the roof mounted 1.2 meter auto-pointing antenna and controller, but also dual diesel generators, an extra large fuel tank, automatic ground stabilization, and enhanced air conditioning capacity. It also has room and cooling capacity for necessary “indoor” electronics. The SRC’s generators can support user access equipment such as WiFi routers, low-power digital video cameras, and laptops computers with a SatLink VSAT. UMTS Femtocell technology can also be supported efficiently and concurrently, if necessary.

Vehicles such as the SRC, equipped with SatLink Communications' advanced IP-based SatLink VSAT technology and working with SatLink Communications' SatLink hubs, offer many advantages in terms of reduced CAPEX and OPEX. Bandwidth is assigned to the vehicle only as needed using the SatLink’s efficient Bandwidth-on-Demand (BoD) features. The QoS features of SatLink allow all type of applications (voice, video and data) to share dynamically the same bandwidth. The low power consumption of the equipment reduces operating costs.

SRCs are available for lease, purchase or short term rental.


B. Larger Drive-Away Custom Vehicles for DSNG


SatLink Communications will work with end-user customers and integrators to incorporate SatLink and other SatLink Communications products and technologies into larger customized vehicles suitable for professional DNSG uses and other applications. As this market diversifies and video feeds are being gathered in high-definition format as well as highly compressed lower quality formats (e.g., for Internet news sites), it is increasingly important to support flexibility of IP transport for video feeds.

IP transport methods support all types of video codecs and allow for both real-time and file-based video transfers. High-definition (HD) news stories can be transported more cost effectively as files using lower speed links, if real-time or immediate transfer is not required. Real-time, low-definition video feeds (e.g., 512 kbps to 4 Mbps) are supported over SatLink VSATs. SatLink VSATs are particularly efficient for bulk transfers, and the use of Bandwidth-on-Demand further reduces cost.


C. Solar Powered VSATs on Trailers

To meet the needs of extended service for days or weeks at a time, SatLink Communications can provide power-efficient SatLink VSATs on detachable trailers combined with transportable solar power systems. These are especially useful for emergencies services. The configuration may include WiFi access for Internet or VPN, or 3G/UMTS femtocell access.


SatLink Communications Services

SatLink Communications also offers a comprehensive array of service capabilities, directly and through partners, tailored to specific needs of land mobile applications, including:

  • Emergency and disaster recovery services
  • Full satellite network planning & design
  • Turnkey Hub deployments and overall VSAT network project management
  • Full network operation and maintenance services
    • Backup Services
    • Staffing for hub operations
    • Preventative and responsive maintenance
    • Installation
    • Field support
  • Teleports and other value-added services through partners

In addition, 24x7 year round global customer support is provided in English and Spanish for all SatLink Communications products and service offerings.

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Partner Program

The Authorized Partner Program is designed for value-added resellers of satellite networks and teleport operators with a regional, industry and/or application focus who wish to work closely with SatLink Communications and base their solutions on our industry leading SatLink® VSATs and Hubs.  Learn more...