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Maritime Broadband VSAT SolutionsNSSLGlobal Technologies’ maritime solutions for marine communications services provide all the benefits of a carrier-class SatLink network for both traditional ISPs and telecom carriers. In addition, they meet the unique requirements for global mobility for all types of marine vessels (e.g., cruise ships, ferries, freighters, fishing vessels, and private yachts) when paired with a stabilized marine antenna system.

Advantages of SatLink Communications' Maritime Solutions include:

  • Roaming between coverage
  • Flat rate service via high throughput hubs & modems
  • Up to 40 Mbps downloads on board
  • 24 x 7 support

SatLink Maritime enhanced VSATs work with the corresponding features implemented in custom-built SatLink hubs to allow global roaming and handle the roll and pitch of the seas, making the services less susceptible to outage. SatLink Maritime VSATs also combine GPS with intelligent software for fast log-on and smooth transitions between different satellite beams while roaming.

Our marine mobile solution allows you to define a different type and scope of service for each marine vessel served. Services can include Broadband Internet, operator-defined VoIP services, and even standard cellular telephony services such as LTE services. Each vessel can be given its own individual bandwidth and QoS policies to suit requirements. High return link capacities are feasible with custom implementations and dedicated SatLink hubs, meaning bandwidth can be allocated exactly where it is needed. 


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