STM Solutions for ISPs & TelcoISPs of all types require resilient networks that meet the varying needs of business and residential customers, effectively handling high loads at peak hours and not wasting resources when little bandwidth is required.  Reliability is critical for  ensuring day-to-day business operations flow smoothly and keeping residential user satisfaction high. With deficiencies in telephone networks and terrestrial infrastructure in developing regions, a cost-effective communication solution is imperative to reaching new customers and providing competitive services. 

ISPs and telecom companies around the globe have turned to SatLink Communications to provide satellite connectivity in regions where other options are unreliable and slow, or simply unavailable.  The capital costs are relatively low per household or site covered for new satellite networks.  And the ability to deploy VSATs quickly and easily into underserved urban and rural regions make satellite networks an ideal method to expand Internet access and an essential complement in a telecom carrier’s communication solutions portfolio.

Working closely with customers to provide network customization, strong technical support, and personnel training, SatLink Communications offers solutions that lead ISPs & telecom carriers to enhance their market competitiveness, reduce costs, and reach new customers.