Corporate Networks

Corporate NetworksCorporate communication networks are critical in ensuring day-to-day business operations flow smoothly. With deficiencies in telephone networks and terrestrial infrastructure in developing regions, a modern, cost-effective communication solution is imperative to business continuity. It is therefore essential for corporate customers to have confidence in their satellite solution provider.

Businesses around the globe have turned to SatLink Communications to implement a private corporate satellite network for their communication platform. As the alternative to leased lines and Internet-based VPN, these networks have reduced communication expenses and enhanced speed and reliability while facilitating operational improvements that impact a company’s bottom line.

Working closely with clients to provide network customization, strong technical support, and IT personnel training, SatLink Communications offers solutions that lead corporations to enhance their market competitiveness, reduce costs of doing business, generate new revenue streams, manage assets and inventory, implement modern accounting and CRM techniques, and better position themselves against potential threats.


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Partner Program

The Authorized Partner Program is designed for value-added resellers of satellite networks and teleport operators with a regional, industry and/or application focus who wish to work closely with SatLink Communications and base their solutions on our industry leading SatLink® VSATs and Hubs.  Learn more...