Banking Network solutionsThe banking and financial sector requires a secure and reliable communication infrastructure to ensure operational efficiency. With widely distributed branches, local offices and ATMs as well as commerce points often located in remote areas lacking solid terrestrial infrastructure, banking and financial organizations are turning to their own satellite-based private networks as a preferred solution for connecting their dispersed locations under one core platform.

NSSLGlobal Technologies’ SatLink networks are an ideal solution for modern, cost-effective banking infrastructure requirements, meeting present-day needs for expanding geographically, increasing reliability and security of financial transactions, and ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery in unforeseen network disruption scenarios. Our VSATs can be installed in any location worldwide to allow open, secure communications with financial systems, ensuring connectivity where needed.

Offering strong support, customer service, and IT personnel training, NSSLGlobal Technologies has been selected to design and implement private banking infrastructures for regional economic and financial institutions in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, for clients such as Lippo Bank, Alfalha bank, Standard Trust Bank, Inland Bank, CEMAC’s Central Bank, and Central Bank of Libya.


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