SatLink 2910-S2X

The SatLink 2910-S2X VSAT modem is a member of the SatLink product family from NSSLGlobal
Technologies enabling scalable, high-availability DVB-RCS2 networks including: VSATs, Hubs, and Hub components, with value-added options for advanced data, voice, and video networking via satellite.

The SatLink 2910-S2X provides a high IP throughput at 150 Mbps for a single TDM/TDMA VSAT. With ACM on all carriers and advanced QoS support for all media types, it is ideal for demanding carrier networks and professional applications. TCP acceleration operate at up to 10 Mbps per connection. It also has many other special features, such as: AES encryption, options for mobile configurations, and an SCPC mode.
SatLink VSAT delivers high spectral efficiency, utilising the international DVB-S2X standard supporting QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK, 32APSK and 64APSK. The SatLink 2910-S2X supports various antenna options, with BUCs/LNBs in C, Ku, Ka, X, and EHF bands.

NSSLGlobal Technologies' SatLink harnesses DVB-S2X capability, having pioneered the DVB-RCS & DVB-RCS2 standards working in partnership with the European Space Agency, utilising them on satellite networks to deliver superior performance for telecom service providers. Supplied to ISPs, NATO and governments, enterprises and partners across the globe, whilst additionally offering turnkey integration, installation, and 24/7/365 global technical
support. All backed up by the NSSLGlobal Group.


Features and Benefits


Outstanding IP Throughput and Total Efficiency

The SatLink 2910-S2X delivers high IP: up to 150 Mbps Rx and up to 20 Mbps Tx and among the highest spectral efficiency of any TDM/ TDMAVSAT. It also matches or exceeds most SCPC modems. When using Bandwidth- on- Demand it yields much higher total efficiency gains.


Plug-and-Play Integrated Design

The integrated design greatly reduces installation errors while also reducing installation time and complexity. Integrated tools support the installer. Two 2910 modems can also be configured using a single antenna, providing flexibility when utilising existing equipment.


Scalable Management and Control

Management & control processes are engineered for large networks, with automatic software updates via multicast, efficient statistics collection, and fast, easy network-wide reconfigurations, without site visits.


Comprehensive IP Networking Features

SatLink® delivers TCP and HTTP acceleration, secure VPNs, NAT, and VLAN options, as well as a built-in DHCP server and both unicast and multicast IP routing.


AES-256 Encryption Built-in (option)

Secures user IP traffic transparently, with support for automatic key updates.


Bandwidth Efficiency at Many Levels

With its high-order modulation options, 16-state Turbo Code FECs, ACM, header compression, burst size optimisation, & intelligent capacity request algorithms, the 2910 delivers highly efficient broadband applications.


ACM on Forward and Return Links

Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) is
performed on DVB-S2X forward links and RCS2
return links (per burst), enabling maximum
two-way link availability. ACM is integrated with
SatLink’s QoS & Traffic Engineering so key
customer service levels can be met during
signal fades.


VSAT Groups, Traffic Engineering and QoS

Operationally, a SatLink 2910-S2X will share a
capacity pool (with max and min rates) for each
service class, with a number of SatLink VSATs in
a group. This gives flexibility & control on the
service tiers. The modem provides advanced
QoS features that allows any data and media
type to use bandwidth-on-demand while key
quality metrics, such as jitter, delay, and
throughput, are held within bounds for each
VSAT Group and each individual VSAT.


Adapted to mobile environments

The SatLink 2910-S2X Mobile VSAT can
store parameters for up to 30 Forward Links,
enabling it to move seamlessly between
beams. The unit is equipped with a GPS
interface for fast, automatic logon and
synchronisation. Optional transmit inhibit
switch prevents inadvertent transmissions
outside of authorised areas.


SCPC Mode Return

An SCPC Mode for the return (inbound to hub) offers simplicity, performance and spectrum efficiency for a separate high-capacity trunk.


Data Sheet:  SatLink 2910-S2X VSAT

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