SatLink 8575FLTx

Bringing both DVB-S2X capability & throughput that exceeds the average beam capacity, the SatLink 8575 FLTx represents a step change in SatLink network capability. The high-capacity FLT for SatLink hubs delivers IP throughput of up to 150Mbps and support for 10,000 VSATs, plus many value-added options. It is designed for DVB compliant IP distribution hubs, including applications such as IPTV, data, voice, and video conferencing services. It efficiently combines the functions of a DVB-S2X modulator with an IP router, IP encapsulator, NCR, and SI inserter with full support for DVB-RCS2 networks.

The compact unit operates at information rates up to 150 Mbps with ACM across all supported MODCODs with symbol rates up to 64 Msps at QPSK, 8APSK, 16APSK, and 32APSK (51 Msps) and 64APSK (43 Msps) modulation, making it well-suited for large carrier-class hub systems. The
SatLink 8575 FLTx is a member of the SatLink product family from NSSLGlobal Technologies enabling scalable, high-availability DVB-RCS2 networks optimised for Internet Protocol (IP) communications, including: VSATs, turnkey hub and gateway systems, hub components, and value-added options for advanced data, voice and video networking via satellite. NSSLGlobal Technologies is a technology and market leader in DVB satellite networks delivering superior performance for telecom service providers, ISPs, governments, and enterprises around the world and also offers integration, installation, 24x7 global support.


Features and Benefits


High-Performance Multimedia IP System

SatLink 8575 delivers the high performance quality and efficiency required for the most demanding multimedia networks utilising Wideband DVB-S2X with throughput up to 150 Mbps of IP traffic.


Plug-and-Play Integrated Design

The integrated design greatly reduces installation errors while also reducing installation time and complexity. Integrated tools support the installer. Two 2910 modems can also be configured using a single antenna, providing flexibility when utilising existing equipment.


Unicast & Multicast in Large Networks

Forwarding of unicast and multicast packets to Layer 2 VSAT addresses based on dynamic updates from the NMS/NCC simplifies routemanagement. Multiple IP subnets per VSAT with full routing table support and network sizes up to 10,000 VSATs.


NCR Insertion with Low Jitter

NCR insertion is performed with jitter of less
than 37 nanoseconds for maximum network


Efficient IP Encapsulation

IP encapsulation is performed by the SatLink
8575 FLTx with industry standard GSE section
packing and multiple header compression
options to ensure maximum payload efficiency
for IP packets of any size, type, or sequence.


DVB-S2X with ACM to 64APSK

The SatLink 8575 FLTx implements ACM over
the whole range of supported MODCODs with
intelligent control from the NCC and allows for
highly efficient Forward Error Correction (FEC),
which can function with normal and short
frames for added link efficiency and quality.



Data Sheet:  SatLink 8575 FLTx


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