STM Turnkey Satellite SystemsTurnkey solutions are for complete MF-TDMA networks employing cost-effective VSATs and high-performance hub stations, backed with 24x7 customer support. Designed, engineered, and manufactured by SatLink Communications, these networks deliver interactive two-way communications for all media, plus broadcasting and multicasting options, to many tens of thousands of VSATs for both fixed and mobile operations. They provide carrier class reliability, scalability, quality, and features.

Both large and small customers benefit from outsourcing their satellite network operations to SatLink Communications. Many large organizations, such as telecom carriers,governments, and financial institutions, are not sufficiently familiar with the operations of a satellite network to manage them well. Hence, they highly value SatLink Communications's turnkey offerings. SatLink Communications takes on the same service level obligations as imposed on its carrier and institutional customers by their regulators and customers at the satellite link level and at the voice, video and/or data application level. SatLink Communications's experience as a licensed common carrier itself, in the country of Nepal, for voice and data services gives added comfort to customers that SatLink Communications knows what it means to be "carrier-class" in both its products and services.