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Experienced Project Execution & Customer Support

Underpinning NSSLGlobal Technologies' product and service businesses are teams of talented people with expertise in managing and executing large scale projects and in-depth knowledge of advanced and complex satellite networks. From network design and engineering to integration of third-party systems, the handling of all export-import logistics, final installation and acceptance testing, our project execution teams handle all aspects of deploying complex networks with potentially thousands of remote VSAT locations across a country or across an entire continent.

NSSLGlobal Technologies also has long term relationships with local, in-country contractors and certified partners who have qualified technicians trained in networks installation, upgrades and field service, so that large networks may be deployed rapidly to meet project deadlines. Also, three NSSLGlobal Technologies certified repair centers work around the clock in Asia, Latin America and Africa for quick turnaround and rectification of any equipment failures or damage. Our customer support teams, which are coupled closely with the project execution teams, pick up the responsibilities for on-going 24x7 support after a network is deployed and accepted by the customer. During upgrades and expansions, these teams work closely together with customers to insure that the service levels are maintained throughout the process. Around the globe and around the clock, project execution and customer support coverage is orchestrated from several of NSSLGlobal Technologies' many locations, including: California, Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Oslo, Madrid, Dubai, and several countries in west Africa. NSSLGlobal Technologies' project execution and support teams are experts in SatLink systems and in complex third-party IP networking products.

Select project execution and customer support teams may also be dedicated to the long-term operations and maintenance of specific customer networks. NSSLGlobal Technologies' teams closely coordinate with customers’ teams to devise the most efficient and effective blend of skills to meet the required goals in any given geography and for special network requirements.

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