Click here if you are interested in becoming an authorized partner.SatLink Communications' Authorized Partner Program is designed for value-added resellers of satellite networks and teleport operators with a regional, industry and/or application focus who wish to work closely with SatLink Communications and base their solutions on our industry leading SatLink® VSATs and Hubs.

SatLink Communications' SatLink products enable our partners to provide advanced satellite communications solutions with significant competitive advantages relative to other products in the market.  SatLink VSATs and Hubs far exceed the performance and efficiency of other satellite networking products, including SCPC and the various types of proprietary TDMA systems.  The net result is more traffic per unit of bandwidth, higher data rates per VSAT, and better operating margins for our resellers and their end-users.

SatLink Communications' partner programs and support services also give our partners the winning edge to grow business rapidly and keep their overheads low.  SatLink Communications is staffed with sales and pre-sales support teams responsible for assisting our partners in their success, and offers comprehensive training programs and documentation.  Plus, 24x7x365 post-sales technical support is available for all teleport operators and Hub system resellers, at different levels, to match the needs of our partners and their customers.

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Working together to meet the needs of your markets

SatLink Communications' partners have access to the full range of SatLink products and support services to offer. SatLink networks are easily designed and customized to fit the needs of any application type (or mixture) and total network size.  Most networks have 50 to 5000 VSATs, but SatLink Communications offers SatLink Hubs suitable for both smaller and larger networks (up to millions of VSATs).  Enhanced features may be selectively enabled remotely via the Hub, so partners never have to pay for more than they need.  And all SatLink Communications hubs are designed with the OpenHub, rack-mounted architecture for maximum configuration flexibility and integration with selected 3rd party value-added options, allowing upgrades without having to replace components.  To see SatLink Communications' SatLink line of VSATs and Hubs, click here.


Advancing the technology and international standards

As a partner with SatLink Communications, you will share in our vision of continuous advancement in international standard satellite networking technology.  For many years now, SatLink Communications leads at the forefront of the DVB-RCS technology, selling more standard-compliant VSATs and Hubs than any other supplier.  Now, in 2011, working closely under contract with the European Space Agency (ESA), SatLink Communications has developed major portions of the new DVB-RCS2 standard, the second generation of the proven DVB-RCS standard.  SatLink Communications was the first to implement the new standard with a public demonstration, attended by the ESA, just months after the standard was finalized.  SatLink Communications' partners will soon be able to bring this technology to their customers via simple software downloads, allowing for the highest performance, efficiency, and speeds available in the market for VSAT systems.

Click here for details on the DVB-RCS & RCS2 standards.