SatLink 2910 Mobile

SatLink 2910 Mobile VSAT

The SatLink 2910 Mobile VSAT provides the advanced capabilities required for land and sea deployments, including global roaming for continuous two-way satellite communications. Internet access, VoIP, GSM over IP and video conferencing are common applications of its powerful mobile features.

The SatLink 2910 Mobile VSAT is a member of a family of SatLink products and systems enabling scalable, high-availability DVB-RCS and DVB-RCS2 networks including: VSATs, hubs, and hub components, with value-added options for advanced data, voice, and video networking via satellite. SatLink Communications is the technology and market leader in DVB-RCS and DVB-RCS2 satellite networks delivering superior performance for telecom service providers, ISPs, governments and enterprises around the world. We also offer integration, installation, 24x7 global support and managed network services.


Features and Benefits


Best IP Throughput and Total Efficiency

The SatLink 2910 Mobile delivers the highest IP throughput (Tx and Rx combined) and the highest spectral efficiency of any TDM/TDMA VSAT. It also matches or exceeds most SCPC modems. When using bandwidth on demand, it yields much higher total efficiency gains.


Adapted to Mobile Environment

The SatLink 2910 Mobile VSAT can store parameters for up to 20 Forward Links, enabling it to move seamlessly between beams. The software is specially adapted for the constant roll and pitch of the seas making it less susceptible to outages, and the unit is equipped with a GPS interface for fast, automatic logon and synchronization. Optional transmit inhibit switch prevents inadvertent transmissions outside of authorized areas. Mesh networking option available for direct communications between mobile installations.


Scalable Management and Control

All management and control processes are engineered for large networks, with automatic software updates via multicast, efficient statistics collection, and fast, easy network-wide reconfigurations, without site visits.


Comprehensive IP Networking Features

SatLink delivers TCP and HTTP acceleration, secure VPNs, NAT, and VLAN options, as well as a built-in DHCP server and both unicast and multicast IP routing.


Built-in AES-256 Encryption 

Built-in AES-256 encryptions secures all user IP traffic transparently, with support for traffic key per VSAT group and automatic key updates.


Full Mesh Networking Option

This software-enabled option provides single-hop mesh links between any two VSATs, which significantly cut link latencies and increase bandwidth efficiency for mesh traffic.


Bandwidth Efficiency at Many Levels

With its high-order modulation options, turbo-code FECs, adaptive coding and modulation (ACM), header compression, burst-size optimization and intelligent-capacity request algorithms, the 2910 Mobile delivers highly efficient broadband applications. 


ACM on Forward and Return links

ACM is performed on DVB-S2 forward links and RCS2 return links (per burst), enabling maximum two-way link availability. ACM is integrated with SatLink’s QoS and traffic engineering so key customer service levels can be met during fades.


VSAT Groups, Traffic Engineering and QoS

SatLink allows operators (and VNOs) to set up different virtual capacity pools (with max and min rates) for each QoS class used by each of a number of VSAT Groups. This give operators more flexibility and control on the service tiers they can offer. SatLink’s advanced QoS features enable all data and media types to use bandwidth on demand while key quality metrics, such as jitter, delay, and throughput, are held within bounds set for each VSAT Group and each individual VSAT.


Power Options and BUC Power

The 2910 Mobile can use an AC or VDC power feed. Internal power can drive BUC wattage higher. Automatic power control from the hub simplifies installation and optimizes operation and bandwidth use.

Automatic Beam Switching

Software for automatic beam switching is included for interfacing with leading maritime and land-mobile antennas via IP. 

Data Sheet:  SatLink 2910 VSAT Datasheet


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