SatLink Hub Family

SatLink Hub Family for TDM/TDMA & SCPC Satellite Networks

The SatLink® Hub Family is a member of a family of SatLink® products and systems from NSSLGlobal Technologies enabling scalable, high-availability DVB-RCS & DVB-RCS2 networks including VSATs, Hubs, and Hub components, with value-added options for advanced data, voice, and video networking via satellite.

SatLink® Hubs provide the high-performance modems, IP gateway, and management and control functions for all SatLink® VSAT networks. The Hub design employs SatLink®’s Open Hub Architecture using a common set of modules for scalability, efficiency, throughput and re-configuration. They implement a TDM/TDMA network in compliance with DVB-S2 & DVB-RCS2 standards, offering Bandwidth-on-Demand, ACM, and Quality of Service(QoS) on all carriers. SatLink® also has an optional SCPC mode for added flexibility. All SatLink® networks are fully managed by the SatLink® NMS.

A full range of SatLink® Hub configurations are available from small portable Hubs to carrier-class high-availability Hubs with 99.999% uptime. Hubs configured with redundancy in key modules can be upgraded with minimal or no disruption to traffic flows.

NSSLGlobal Technologies pioneered the DVB-RCS & DVB-RCS2 protocols working in partnership with the European Space Agency, utilising them on satellite networks to deliver superior performance for telecom service providers, ISPs, NATO and governments, enterprises and partners across the globe additionally offering turnkey integration, installation, and 24/7/365 global technical support. All backed up by the NSSLGlobal Group.

Features and Benefits


Bandwidth Efficiency at Many Levels

The efficiency of DVB-S2 forward links is matched with DVB-RCS2 return links offering ACM per burst, Adaptive Carrier Selection (ACS), return carrier spacing down to 1.12x, multiple layers of header compression, and the most efficient IP encapsulation, with TDMA management that assures no wasted bandwidth.


Advanced Traffic Shaping with QoS

Advanced traffic shaping on Forward and Return Links with four QoS classes meet the strict requirements for jitter and/or delay-sensitive VoIP, video conferencing, video streaming, and time-critical data applications.


Software-Defined RLS and FLS Platform

The FLS & RLS use SatLink®’s own software-defined modem platform optimised for processing IP packets and the DVB waveforms, using SatLink® firmware & software running on FPGAs & CPUs. They deliver many cost reductions and operational benefits, including high-efficiency MODCODs, large TDMA carrier groups, fast- feedback ACM integrated with IP QoS, and custom configurations of carrier groups for maximum efficiency in burst-mode operation and space & power savings.


Comprehensive IP Networking Features

SatLink® Hubs integrate feature-rich IP routing & TCP & HTTP acceleration with VPN tunneling, VLANs, & Virtual Satellite Networks (VSN) for multiple IP address spaces, as well as mesh networking routing control (with DVB-RCS).


High Availability for Maximum Uptime

Module redundancy using 1:1 or N:1 with fast failover. Geographic redundancy with multiple  RF  systems.  SW updates on-the-fly. Uptimes can exceed 99.999%.


Return SCPC Mode for Added Flexibility

An optional SCPC Mode enables the simplicity and spectrum efficiency as required for large high-capacity, dedicated trunks for an adaptable, complete solution.


ACM, ACS and Rain Fade Mitigation

With Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) applied on both Forward and Return Links and Adaptive Carrier Selection (ACS) on all TDMA carriers, the impact of rain fades is greatly mitigated, even in Ka band.


Traffic Engineering, VNOs and VSAT Groups

SatLink’s traffic engineering enables cost-effective hub sharing by controlling bandwidth consumption and QoS policies of virtual network operators (VNOs) for each of their VSAT groups, without assigning hardware or dedicated carriers to particular VNOs.


Comprehensive NMS and NCC Software

The database-driven SatLink® Network Management System (NMS) and the SatLink® Network Control Centre (NCC) software optimise network performance using close-loop control and simplify the configuration and provisioning of Hub modules, VSATs, VSAT Groups, carriers, VSNs, and VNOs. Support for multiple beams, across multiple satellites on multiple bands (C, Ku, Ka, EHF), including cross-strapped transponders, adds versatility and scalability. 

Data Sheet:  SatLink Hub Family




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