July 23, 2013

Irvine, CA and Sao Paulo, Brazil, July 23, 2013 - STM Group, Inc. (STM), a global satellite communications and engineering company, announced today they are expanding their operations in Brazil given many recent successes.

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To date, STM has deployed over 6,000 installations in Brazil, serving the needs of large telecom companies, government agencies, the maritime and oil & gas industry, and other commercial enterprises. With a proven track record of deploying several large networks, both nationwide and provincially, STM has been serving brand name customers such as Oi-Telemar, Brazil Telecom, Hispasat, Queiroz Galvao Oleo & Gas, HRT Group, the Secretary of Health for the state of Minas Gerais, and international clients roaming in Brazilian maritime territories. STM continues to deploy hundreds of sites per month.

"STM is thrilled with the progress we have made expanding our business in Brazil, a very important region of the world for us. STM has steadily increased its global presence and now over 50 countries around the world have systems built with STM SatLink products. This is a result of both tactical and strategic expansions in all of STM's lines of business. This growth would not have been possible without the hard work of STM's committed employees and the loyalty of STM's customers," said Umar Javed, President of STM.

Over the last decade, STM has built many land-based networks and is now growing rapidly into the maritime and off-shore communications markets, driven in large part by the growing energy sector. STM currently serves many brand-name commercial vessels and fleets, both national and foreign-based in Brazilian waters. STM's maritime services enable global roaming with automatic hand-offs with smart beam switching among STM's many international teleports.

To support the growing needs of Brazil, STM is adding a third teleport in Hortolandia, complementing its existing teleports in Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte. The satellite networking technology for the new teleport is the most advanced and efficient TDM/TDMA technology available and is conformant with the open international standards.

STM recently achieved new milestones for the network in Minas Gerais, the second most populous state in Brazil, reaching over 2000 sites. This network now provides reliable communication for a wide variety of health-related and social services.

STM has the VSAT networking licenses required by ANATEL, the Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications, including the nationwide operator license known as SCM and the maritime license known as SLE.

The company provides the most up-to-date communication services for private IP networks, and public Internet Access, including: maritime roaming, VPN access, MPLS extensions, cellular backhaul, VoIP, Wi-Fi Hot Spot solutions, video and voice conferencing, business continuity services, disaster recovery, security and other tailor-made services.

STM operates in Brazil today through its subsidiary Vodanet, which is based in Sao Paulo. 


About STM Group Inc.

STM ( is one of the largest privately held satellite product and communications engineering companies today, serving the needs for broadband access in both urban areas and remote regions of the world. STM provides complete IP based satellite network systems, under the SatLink® brand, that follow the DVB-RCS2 standards which operate in all frequency bands. STM's products and services are in use globally and serve customers with land-based, on-the-move, or maritime communication requirements for a variety of IP-based applications. STM's headquarters is based in Irvine, California, with its the European main office and global technical research center is located in Oslo, Norway.


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