Sept 20 2007
STM Leads Next Generation Open Standard Broadband Interactive Satellite Technology Effort for European Space Agency

STM Leads Next Generation Open Broadband Interactive Satellite Technology Effort for European Space Agency

R&D Project is Focused on Further Operational Efficiency

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STM Group announced today that its R&D center, operated by STM Norway AS, is leading a research and development consortium under contract to the European Space Agency (ESA). The consortium will evaluate, prototype and test advanced modem technologies aimed to be a significant enhancement relative to the current DVB-RCS standard. The primary intent of the development is to further improve performance, while reducing the operating costs of broadband interactive satellite communications systems. Elements from the current DVB-RCS standard form the basis for the prototyping. DVB-RCS is an international standard for MF-TDMA satellite networks published by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and developed by The DVB Project ( ), an industry-led consortium of some 260 manufacturers, software developers, broadcasters and regulatory bodies in over 35 countries.

The other participants with STM Norway in this advanced development consortium are: Thales Alenia Space Espana; German Aerospace Center - DLR; ENST Bretagne; TurboConcept; and Verisat.

"We are honored by ESA's selection of our consortium and look forward to collaborating with our partners, all of whom are major contributors to advancement of satellite communications research and technologies," said Bjorn Platou, General Manager of STM Norway.

The focus of this research and development project is to bring the same degree of bandwidth efficiency increase to MF-TDMA return channels as has been provided by the DVB-S2 modulation and encoding techniques used on the TDM forward channel in a DVB-RCS based system. This involves the use of high-order modulation schemes, enhanced Forward Error Correction (FEC) methods, and interference cancellation techniques. Compliance with the latest open standard technologies assures customers and network operators access to recognized standards, which are a pre-requisite for any new VSAT system deployment.

"DVB-RCS technology is already leading the industry in high-performance, bandwidth efficient solutions for interactive satellite communications with VSATs. This new R&D project is significant in providing even higher performance and greater efficiency, and will contribute to the evolution of open standards," commented Helge Fanebust, head of STM's R&D center in Europe.

About STM Group: STM Group ( ) is a holding company with R&D and support facilities in Norway. The group's companies provide high-performance, standards-based satellite network systems and services for mobile and fixed-line IP-based telephony, data and multimedia applications for enterprises, governments, telecommunications providers and system integrators. With its SatLink product line, the Company is a leader in research, development and manufacturing of MF-TDMA, bandwidth-on-demand solutions with certified compliance to the DVB-RCS international standard. STM's services include custom network design, turnkey deployments, operations management and local support. STM Group operates with wholly-owned subsidiaries in Europe, the Middle East, South America and Asia, including 12 regional offices, 6 teleports and 3 network operations centers for worldwide 24x7 customer support.


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