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November 16, 2017

NSSLGlobal Technologies AS, a fully owned subsidiary of NSSLGlobal Ltd, has today acquired the SatLink communications technology. Through the acquisition NSSLGlobal takes full ownership of SatLink’s VSAT modem and Hub product families as well as retain SatLink’s software engineering team

As part of its commitment to delivering the best satcom infrastructure in the industry, NSSLGlobal will now control and drive forward SatLink’s next-generation product roadmap, and focus significant engineering R&D towards the ongoing needs of its clients — with the full flexibility and control to quickly adapt as those needs evolve.

Sally-Anne Ray, Group CEO of NSSLGlobal comments: “SatLink has been a key strategic partner of ours for over a decade, and its products already form part of the core technology underpinning our fully owned and controlled VSAT network. We therefore have full confidence in the technology and the team we bring in to the NSSLGlobal family and with our experience, investment and energy behind it we believe we are well-positioned to push the next generation of SatLink mobility products forward”.

“This acquisition is in line with NSSLGlobal’s ambition to become an engineering powerhouse, particularly for our government and maritime customers and their highly-sophisticated communication needs. By taking full ownership and control of the SatLink portfolio and its roadmap we can align future R&D directly to the needs our customers. This is sure to become a core source of differentiation for NSSLGlobal that sets us apart from many of our competitors".

SatLink Communications Announces Release 16 for the SatLink Platform

-Enables Flexibility, Efficiency, Simplicity and Choice in Networking Technologies – 

Olso Norway, March 10, 2014 – SatLink Communications, a division of Emerging Markets Communications, announced today at Satellite 2014, the availability of Software Release 16 for SatLink®, the technology-leading VSAT networking product line. SatLink now provides the simplicity and spectrum efficiency of MCPC/SCPC networks, as used for large high-capacity, dedicated trunks, combined with the exceptional dynamic flexibility and the outstanding multiplexing efficiency of its TDM/TDMA capabilities.  The technology enables large network operators and end-user organizations the ability to choose the network structure best-suited for any given customer or part of their satellite communication infrastructure.
The SatLink system, a full-featured product line with a wide range of Hub and VSAT products, now serves both TDMA and SCPC needs concurrently. Furthermore, the SatLink Network Management System (NMS) implements tools to assure Committed Information Rates (CIRs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for a diversity of end-user applications and operating environments, including fixed and mobile VSATs, all sharing the same Hub and carriers dynamically, in either mode.
"Our solution, based on SatLink and EMC's many patents, are far beyond what the other suppliers are contemplating today", said Richard Forberg, VP of Product Management and Marketing. “We lower the total cost of ownership while doubling network capacity and driving network reliability much higher, whether for high-value commercial or government networks, with fixed or mobile VSATs, or mass-market consumer broadband."
Large network operators now are able to serve mission critical government and corporate networks with multiple VPNs secured by AES-256 encryption and independent IP addressing, on the same core infrastructure with residential broadband for public Internet access, all without compromises.  Each type of customer organization can be managed and secured separately with their own encryption keys, guaranteed capacities, QoS policies, etc.  Their own Virtual Satellite Network (VSN) can be independently managed either by the customer's staff directly or by the network owner-operator.
“Many of the enhancements available in Release 16 were developed as a result of our long-standing relationship with the European Space Agency (ESA), said Bjorn Platou, Senior VP of SatLink Communications.  “The agency is very supportive of the advancement in technology for the DVB-S2 and DVB-RCS2 open international standards.”
If some end-users demand dedicated carriers or fixed symbol rates assigned exclusively to them, this need can also be met quickly with no new hardware and even with no additional RF carriers.  However, by sharing both the common Hub infrastructure and the carriers, the network owner gets the maximum utilization of the bandwidth, without risk to the customer's CIRs and SLAs.  There is no loss of spectrum efficiency or IP throughput from using SatLink's TDM/TDMA, which offers the most dynamic and efficient sharing of timeslots, with negligible overheads vs. dedicated carriers.   IP throughputs up to 150 Mbps for downloads and 24 Mbps for uploads, per VSAT, are supported with basic spectrum efficiencies indistinguishable from MCPC/SCPC.  SatLink networks, therefore, deliver a lower total cost per MHz by using statistical multiplexing even when traffic load fluctuations per site are moderate.  Furthermore, by combining SatLink with EMC's dual-patented NRS (Noise Reduction System), bandwidth cancellation allows all TDMA carriers to use the same spectrum as the TDM carriers.
SatLink is the only VSAT network system compliant with the industry leading DVB-S2 and DVB-RCS2 open international standards. The DVB-RCS2 standard, as implemented in SatLink, advances TDMA technologies well beyond existing proprietary technologies with many powerful features, including "ACM per burst" and variable burst lengths dynamically matched to QoS requirements for end-user applications (VoIP, Video Streaming, Bulk Data, etc.).   CIRs can be applied per VSAT and per VSAT Group with conditional reduction of CIRs during fades and/or when Fair Usage policies are violated. These controls are driven conveniently and automatically by Subscription Types and VSAT Group assignments. SatLink, a product set in EMC’s global satellite service offering, is a widely adopted technology used in many verticals worldwide.
About Emerging Markets Communications
Emerging Markets Communications, Inc. (EMC) is a global satellite and terrestrial communications company specializing in delivering mission-critical, network services for the global energy industry, maritime, mobile network operators, carriers, governments, NGOs and worldwide enterprises with locations in the most remote and/or challenging areas of the world.  As a proven industry leader, EMC enables customers the agility, scalability and efficiency designed to facilitate growth for their global operations. The company operates in 150 countries, with 34 global field support centers and wholly-owned infrastructure of teleports and terrestrial pops in US, Europe, Brazil and Africa. EMC is financially backed by ABRY Partners; a firm specialized in funding the communications industry with $36 billion of completed transactions.
About SatLink Communications
SatLink Communications, a division of Emerging Markets Communications provides complete IP-based satellite network systems compliant with DVB-S2 and DVB-RCS2 standards. The company holds 18 patented technologies including the bandwidth saving Noise Reduction System (NRS), the PowerBooster and MEO Booster, HD Connect®, and SpeedNet®, a zero-latency browser for use over satellite.  These products are in use globally with more than 150 thousand terminal deploy worldwide serving end-users with fixed and mobile communication requirements.

July 23, 2013

Irvine, CA and Sao Paulo, Brazil, July 23, 2013 - STM Group, Inc. (STM), a global satellite communications and engineering company, announced today they are expanding their operations in Brazil given many recent successes.

November 18, 2013 – STM has been recognized for developing satellite communications technology that provides broadband rates without terrestrial connectivity in a recent article about ESA's research in Space Newsfeed.  See the entire article here.

May 16, 2013

talk Satellite interviewed STM CEO & Chairman Emil Youssefzadeh, listen to the complete interview by clicking here: talk Satellite Interview

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