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The SatLink® platform is developed by NSSLGlobal Technologies the Norway based engineering and R&D arm of the leading independent satellite communications and IT solutions provider, the NSSLGlobal Group. SatLink® products and services are used commercially and by governments across the globe. NSSLGlobal Technologies has worked in partnership with the European Space Agency on pioneering technology and has delivered and serviced numerous highly secure SatLink® networks for NATO countries in compliance with NATO’s strict requirements such as the Standardisation Agreements (STANAG). We currently have over 5,000 VSATs deployed around Europe.

The SatLink® family of VSATs and Hubs are ideal for withstanding harsh offshore environments and remote areas across the globe. With high-availability and throughput and 24/ 7/365 global technical support, the SatLink® system provides secure IP networking necessary for voice, data, corporate communication, and large file transfer needs of the offshore industry, ISPs, private Intranets and industry-specific networks. With mobile, transportable, and stationary options, the SatLink® system can support various conditions for connecting support, submersible,  barge vessels, oil rigs and offshore platforms, as well as inland operations under the same core network. The product line includes several broadband VSAT modems and turnkey satellite hub system options which enable small, cost-effective enterprise networks and large carrier networks.

As a SATCOM hub developer and manufacturer, we are uniquely positioned in the market and what sets us apart from the competition is that we don’t stop at just delivering a hub system. As part of the NSSLGlobal Group we work with colleagues globally to provide bespoke engineering solutions.

The support and network management capabilities Group-wide are far beyond those of other hub manufacturers, meaning that we can deliver ‘Turnkey’ network solutions and fully manage and support the network through its operational life. No matter how sensitive, our key engineering personnel can work to the highest security clearance levels.


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