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Worldwide Presence

SatLink networks have been built in more than 50 countries around the world, often through or working with local integrators and other partners. We serve telecom carriers (wireline and wireless), ISPs, governments, and private enterprises in various industries. We adapt our VSAT network solutions for each customer and work closely with our local partners on logistical and business challenges.

From our multiple operations centers we provide 24x7 customer support.

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DVB-RCS2: Advancing TDM/TDMA Technology 

SatLink is the first VSAT system to support the “RCS2” standard. In June of 2011, SatLink R&D also led the way with the first public demonstration of the major high-performance features in the new RCS2 standard, just a few months after approval by the DVB organization.  Currently SatLink's DVB-RCS2 compliant networks provide reliable, high quality connectivity solutions in locations around the world.

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News and Announcements

NSSLGlobal Technologies delivers efficiency for RADIOCOM

January 2020

RADIOCOM turned to NSSLGlobal for improved Quality of Service (QoS) and bandwidth efficiency of their VSAT network, both Hubs and terminals, with high-performance SatLink Hub and Modem technology.



SatLink R18 Released

December 2019

SatLink Communications announces Release 18 for the SatLink platform, bringing new security, optimisation and management features to the already robust product architecture.

NSSLGlobal Group Apoints Staffan Iveberg as new CTO

September 2nd 2019

NSSLGlobal Group Apoints Staffan Iveberg as new CTO

Award-winning global satcom and IT solutions provider NSSLGlobal has today announced the appointment of Staffan Iveberg as Group Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Staffan will work alongside the NSSLGlobal leadership team to roll out the company’s technology roadmap and bolster its R&D division as it continues to forge a reputation as an engineering powerhouse.



SatLink Hub Family

SatLink Hubs provide the high-performance modems, IP gateway, management and control functions for all SatLink VSAT networks.

They implement a TDM/TDMA network in accord with DVB-S2 & DVB-RCS2 standards, offering Bandwidth-on-Demand, ACM, and QoS on all carriers, while delivering excellent efficiency, throughput, scalability, and reliability.


Open Hub Architecture

Complete Flexibility

The Open Hub architecture specifies a completely open, standards-based TDM/TDMA Hub architecture at both the software and hardware level for IP networking over satellite.

This allows for Hubs and complete satellite networks that integrate easily into existing network environments and which will evolve with the needs the hub owner. This allows easy upgrades to support more VSATs and/or more carriers. This allows for fast swap-outs using industry standard equipment like Cisco and networking interfaces like Ethernet. This also allows for sharing the hub with other organizations on a controlled access basis and allows for the optional integration of third party hardware modules for value-added functions.



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